SIZE 8-10

Brown Ocean Jasper Mixed Metal

Sz 8. Set in brass with copper frame on solid sterling silver band.


Blue Lotus Glass

Size 8. Welcome to the most glorious thing you will ever see! This beautiful glass cabochon was artisan crafted by @morninglightglass. It's set in gallery wire with an open double band. This ring is solid sterling .925 silver and is every bit stunning (with a minor blemish, slightly raised beaded wire visible in pictures, so discounted). Natural black oxidized back. *Click picture to enlarge



Dark Fancy Blue Chalcedony

Size 8. This faceted crystal was heated to enhance it's color. Simple setting in .925 silver. *Click picture to enlarge


Black Jasper Mixed Metal

Sz 8 and 3/4 (size 8.75) Set in brass with copper frame and solid sterling silver band.


Copper Skull with Kingman Turquoise

Size 9. This copper skull was hand sawn and set with a tiny turquoise stone in sterling.925 silver. Bad Ass, 'nuff said. *Click picture to enlarge


“Quan Yin” Blue Labradorite

Size 9. Flashy blue labradorite in .925 sterling silver with wide band and naturally oxidized black back. Asymmetrical beaded detail. *Click picture to enlarge


Mexican Red Lace Agate

Size 9. Very neat stone set in solid .925 sterling silver with wide band. Naturally oxidized black back.*Click picture to enlarge


Huge Crazy Lace Agate w/ OOAK band

It fits a size 10. This very large stone is set on a thick textured band that is made of a copper rich silver with a copper backplate. The decorative wires are .925 sterling silver, as is the solid cast leaf embellishment. The inside of this very unique band is also textured. The design is very organic, one of a kind and artisan crafted. *Click picture to enlarge


Doll Bow

Size 10. This is a vintage cast sterling silver charm that I soldered onto a simple band for your fun and precious wearing pleasure! Solid .925 sterling silver. The back is naturally oxidized black and the band is lightly hammered. *Click picture to enlarge