XTRA/Customized Metal Lighter Case (BIC), Personalized Metal Lighter Case in Brass or Copper MTO


Made-To-Order Metal Lighter Cases, ready to ship in 5-7 days, free USA shipping


Order in Brass, Copper or Black Copper

This listing is for the more  personalized lighter case, for extra details or personalization, choose this listing. For simpler designs and easier orders, choose my $38 option here.

Custom design your lighter case with me! I can do all sorts of designs, with limitations. Message me at msjenamaze@gmail.com to start the design process. You must supply the design/logo, but sometimes I can or will have to make adjustments to the original so that it transfers well onto the metal. If you don’t have your custom design in mind yet, do a google search for a theme you might want, for example Cat Vector art, Cat silhouette, Cat SVG can all come up with useable images that you’d like (though not all of them will be useable). Send me an email attachment with your photo and logo preferences and I’ll tell you what we can use or what we can change. It’s easy and fun! Everyone loves their personally designed cases.  You can purchase this listing now to begin the order process, or email me first! I can also be reached via instagram DM @msjenamaze.

Designs can  be made in sterling and, or with added gemstones and details for extra cost. Email me your questions or to start your order at msjenamaze@gmail.com.

 Every case is individually hand made by me, which makes every case uniquely it’s own!  Cases are oxidized and then polished to enhance depth, detail and the unique design. Copper and brass will naturally oxidize when exposed to elements, but can easily be polished back to original shine. Polishing instructions and gift box included. Hammer marks and solder may show up on each uniquely crafted piece, particularly on the back where the seam is. Every piece is individually handmade by metalsmith and artist, Jen, and inspected for quality. USPS shipping is fast and free in the USA. Will ship in 5-7 days, first class takes 3-5 days.