Emerald Valley Turquoise w/bee🐝 SIZE 8.25


Emerald Valley Turquoise,backed, set in sterling silver with sterling cast bee detail and floral pattern band


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Every piece is individually handmade by metalsmith and artist, Jen, and inspected for quality. USPS shipping is fast and free in the USA. Ships in 1-2 days.

Quality & Source: The gemstones I use in my pieces are inspected for quality and strength,  any cracks or pitting will be noted or obviously pictured. Sometimes I use stones with small cracks and pits because 1) they might be cheaper 2) they have a very natural, raw design quality. I will not use or sell a gemstone that I suspect might be faulty or not genuine. Most of the stones I purchase are from India or the United States. I seek out individuals and small businesses, from Etsy to Instagram and places near me, to purchase authentic, transparently sourced and affordable gemstones. I believe we vote with our dollars and I endeavor to put my money, personally and professionally, into causes of community and sustainability, as much as possible. While we may not be perfect, we can always improve!

All metals are purchased from reputable wholesalers, like Rio Grande. You can be sure of the quality and source of your metal and stone purchases.