Cat with Crescent Moon Lighter Case, Black, Sitting MTO


Black Copper with Brass cat sitting and Sterling Silver .925 Crescent moon


Every case is individually hand made by me, which makes every case uniquely it’s own! I use a jeweler’s saw to cut the skull out of brass sheet metal, before soldering it to copper and then forge and fold it into a snug sleeve that fits a regular size Bic lighter perfectly. A .925 sterling silver moon is carefully die cut and soldered as well. Blackened copper cases are oxidized and then selectively polished to retain dark color. To retain the black color, it is best to avoid excessive rubbing of the metal, such as might happen in a pocket or being frequently rubbed by fingers. Hammer marks and solder may show up on each uniquely crafted piece, particularly on the back where the seam is. Shipping and handling times vary, current ETA for production is no later than 10 days.