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Ring sizer, for accurate ring size purchases

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This simple ring sizer can be used to get a more accurate ring size from my website. If you’re not sure what size you are and/or want to avoid making returns, buy a sizer first! I’ll send this in an envelope and it should be there in less than a week!

To obtain an accurate size, slip the bands around your finger and adjust  to a comfortable tightness, so that it’s doesn’t easily come off. Now, make sure you can slide it on and off your finger without changing the size/tightness. Pay close attention to the half way markers so that you have the right size! If you want to be extra certain that you’ve sized your band correctly, put a  little dab of super glue on it so the size wont slide and change, then try wearing it around and taking it on and off for a day or two. Check the size marker and write it down BEFORE gluing, in case the glue hides it. Our fingers can and do swell, increasing the size of them, so keep that in mind! A wide band ring will likely feel .25 to .5 size tighter than a thinner width band of the same size.

Once you know your size, and are sure that you’ve double checked if it’s a half size or a whole number (ex: 6 vs 6.5), then you’ll feel confident purchasing a ring from my shop, or getting a custom ring as they become available. Thanks!