This is a sample of my free flowin’ ink work from about 2013-2018. I attribute my steady solder/smithing hand and focus to my drawing practice. I look forward to picking up the pen again, eventually, and creating even more outstanding drawings (and paintings) that visually sing the rhythms in my soul 😉 For now though, I’m working on more (to me) tangible money making assets.

My drawing practice began with blending colors and making childish drawings with inexpensive pens and colored pencils. Eventually I found my medium with pigma microns and/or copic liners and heavy weight paper. I took a drawing class in 2018, which gave me the time to focus on my realism, value, grid and pencil skills. Drawing is poetry… and I used to write that, too. I think I’ll spare my new website the internal rantings of a crazed artist and just stick with the more widely acceptable visually symbolic art, which is so much less incriminating. Once the pictures load you can click on them for an up close look. Or just go to the next page to skim through. Enjoy, ladies and sirs!

*Please be advised that I do have original copies of all of these works. If you infringe on my artistic rights by attempting to sell my work as your own, you will likely be struck down by the avenging fury of The Righteous Angels of Artistic Honor and perhaps even Kali Ma herself will devour you in your sleep. You’ve been warned.