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April Shop Update

Hello new and old friends! Thanks for stopping by (waves). I hope you’re enjoying my fresh new site look! As of now, I am between school semesters and doing my best to catch up on all my plans here at Not the least of which is actually having a working shop with plenty of beautiful things to browse through! I’m making some progress in that department, but there is much to be done!

I am currently working on some turquoise jewelry pieces, including chunky silver chains, bracelet cuffs, made to size rings and casting experiments! As of right this minute I am etching some silver leaves to frame some lucky turquoise cabochon. So much of my art is about experimenting and making something brand new that I’ve never made before! 

I also am working on my email list so that you can be personally updated when I have new metal and gemstone releases! Meanwhile, my instagram account @msjenamaze is regularly updated to keep you in the know! Be sure to catch my instagram stories for more behind the scenes creation media and to get the first look at what I am making next! Hope to see you there! 


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Polishing Your Metal

What you need:

*A polishing cloth and SUPER FINE 0000 STEEL WOOL

When I started making jewelry with copper, I LOOOOVED the way the copper looked and shined after it was oxidized and polished. For such an inexpensive and abundant metal, it sure is beautiful and a pleasure to work with. However, it oxidizes FAST, which means it turns black and brown after a week or so of being worn (sometimes faster). It can also turn your skin green (temporarily) which most ladies don’t prefer. I felt like I would be cheating people out of an easy wearable piece if I didn’t figure out a way to ‘hold’ that shine longer and prevent the green. So I played with different sealants. While they worked well for earrings, for other things that you’d wear on your skin it is just not worth it! It ruins the whole point of skin on skin healing contact with copper! No sealant is going to last long enough, and they can just feel kinda weird to sensitive skinned people. So I’m throwing out sealants all together! Except on some earrings, sometimes, and it will be noted in the description.

That being said, it’s mostly REALLY easy to polish your copper. For the most part you can just get a polishing cloth on Amazon, or Michaels, from your local jewelry shop and maybe even a hardware store or 2. These are great for daily and weekly maintenance. You can polish your jewelry every day if you always want to be on your top SHINE. Or whenever you feel like.

After a while you might need a more intensive ‘scrub’ to get that oxidation off. For that I LOOOOOVE Steel Wool SUPER FINE 0000. I might not use it forever because it leaves a hardly noticeable ‘brushed’ metal effect, which not all pieces are meant to have. It’s a style preference. But right now I use it a lot because it’s very accessible, cheap, and super effective to polish up metal fast and beautifully. Just take your cloth (or steel wool) and use a circular motion, or ‘scrub’ in one direction, until you get the look and shine you want. You can do this on your copper and silver pieces, but the .925 sterling silver I use wont need it very often. *It is recommended to polish silver with a polishing cloth

There are LOTS of methods, actually, for cleaning metal and some of them are metal dependant. There are different chemical compounds you can buy, and most of them will work as advertised. Some are more natural then others, and you’ll want to do your research because I don’t use them and can’t make a recommendation. There are also ‘kitchen concoctions’ you can google and try. You might do different things for your copper pieces then you would for you silver or gold. For now, and for my jewelry, I’d recommend keeping a polish cloth and some SUPER FINE 0000 STEEL WOOL (easily found at all hardware stores). It must be SUPER FINE or it will leave scratch marks, ew!

If you are a fine jewelry collector and lover, you’ve maybe figured out that an ultra sonic machine will do the best job cleaning your gems. But you still have to POLISH them first to get that tough black/brown/green off. Alternatively, your local established jewelry shop should have some jewelry cleaning options and services for you.

So now that I’ve explained myself, if you see a free small polishing cloth or a chunk of steel wool in your order fom my site or, now you know what to do!

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Hello, I’m Jen…

… from Chico, CA. I’m an artist and youtube/instagram educated metalsmith. Meaning, I’ve taught myself how to make everything through research, trial and error! I also have a 2 year degree in Studio Arts where I learned some drawing and photoshop skills. At the moment, I’m waiting for the right time to continue my education while I build up my website and raise my one and only son, Jules. I’ve been selling my soldered silver, mixed metal and gemstone creations since the end of 2018! I’ve been blown away by the positive feedback and enthusiasm from people on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram and in my town! I’m always working to improve my skill and aesthetic with new tools and techniques, and I hope that shows!

I’ve always enjoyed working on creative projects, it keeps me busy and inspired, and that keeps me out of trouble! I spend a lot of time working, meditating and practicing self-care. I have a not-so-secret obsession with astrology, Vedic and ancient knowledge and holistic health. These topics are an umbrella for my persistent interest in the non-physical, enlightenment, meaning and, overall, a search for well-being and truth. I really enjoy meditating on, and researching things that grow my sense of context for: why and what is life, and what for? When I’m not deep in the rabbit hole (I have to make art just to crawl back out, you know, lol) I’m making vegan food, spending time with my beloveds and savoring natural spaces, out and about, as often as I can.

Oh, and I’m on social media a lot! 😉 I’m an introverted-extrovert and social media really suits me! As a result, I really enjoy marketing, selling and sharing my work online. I do try to take my goods into the world sometimes, when the weather is good and my feet don’t hurt from long work hours (haha). Thanks for hanging out on my site and looking around, I’m always creating new things to share and I couldn’t do that without you!

If you want to support my work and see what I’m making in real time, you can find me spreading the love on Instagram @msjenamaze, on my Facebook page, on TikTok & on Pinterest! Check out what I have in the shop!