MsJenAmaze: How it Began

I’ve always wanted to entrepeneur. The seed was planted in middle school when I read a novella that involved an inspiring woman who owned a local and well loved cafe. I wanted to be some kind of shop owner ever since (right now it’s an online shop)! I think, in great part, I wasn’t able to realize or admit that was my dream because I didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t have money to invest, I didn’t have a support system of people who thought I could do it, all I had was this vision that kept creeping back in and getting me excited. I honestly don’t know what makes me happier, the ability to create art for income, or the challenge of building and marketing my own business from virtually nothing!

I remember, very vividly, the day that I became the artist I am. It kind of started when I began sewing doll clothes, at about 10 or so. But it really took root when I was around 11 or 12…

I was sitting around, being very bored, as usual, when it occured to me to make something. Make what? I don’t know, think of something! With what materials? I don’t know, think of something! I thought of a recent project in school I did that involved turning a wire coat hanger into a circle. So I did that. What to do with it? Make a windchime! I rummaged through some rarely used junk drawers in the dining room. Old silverware! Perfect! I grabbed them, some string, and a few random junk drawer items and made, what I thought was, the coolest windchime ever to exist on the face of the earth.

I didn’t realize I was an artist then. I was still very identified with being an academic student. But that’s when my inner artist was clearly born. And that’s where most of my creations start… from a restlessness, a boredom, a desire to make something happen, to be inspired!

When it finally came down to it, I realized I had to stop asking for others to validate my dreams and just go for it. Since I’d always been a maker and I’d always wanted my own small business, I just shoved the two together and here we are! I am so pleased and surprised by how much my business has already grown and taken roots!

I really wanted to write this just to tell everyone how I named my business, but then all that happened ^^^. Haha. Anyway, the long of the short, I didn’t name myself Jen Amaze, it was actually coded for: Jen (is) a maze. Because I’m so complex and cool like that. I was just bored one day and wanted to make myself a fake name on Facebook, for fun and anonymity, so I settled on Jen Amaze because I like double entendres and it sounded good. But then some friends started calling me by that name and my ego enjoyed the way it sounded 😂

When I was in highschool, some of the more formal teachers would add prefixes to the student’s names and would call me Miss. I liked the way that sounded, too. So I just squished it all together to create an easy social media handle: MsJenAmaze. It wasn’t being used anywhere on the internet, so I was able to use that name everywhere, which is important for branding business. It’s easy, it’s catchy, it’s my name, it was good enough for me. I may decide to rebrand in the future. Or not. Who knows?

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