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Hello, I’m Jen…

My name is Jen the Ladysmith, yes that’s my birth name 😉 I’m a studio artist🧑‍🎨 I use natural and affordable genuine gemstones and crystals to create fine artisan studio jewelry with quality and transparently labeled metals, specializing in .925 sterling silver, copper and brass.

I have a passion for making things and have been creating jewelry since I was a teenager.

After dabbling with many different creative mediums, I finally took the plunge and taught myself how to solder jewelry with a torch! Self taught since 2018, I obsessively built out my studio and improved my knowledge and skills. Meditating and hovering over the heat of the flame and glowing red metal is a special kind of experience:)

I’m a mom and live in Chico, CA where I studied art and design both formally and as a personal hobby.

Aside from art, making, photography, marketing, the humanities in general, I enjoy studying occult and spiritual topics, including astrology, tarot and eastern mysticism. These things help shape and define my design style.

I’m a pacifist, a vegan and am passionate about natural health and living in gratitude for nature’s blessings. If given a choice, I’d rather be hiking ⛰️

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